Senior Year – New Beginnings


My mom wanted to visit Texas this summer and eventually she decided to move back. I’m so happy that I did, but at the same time I miss the friends I actually managed to keep back home. I’m grateful that I can finally graduate with my best friend, which is ironic because she tagged me in a photo on Instagram with a caption that said something like “To graduate with my best friend” and I said “one day we will” or whatever and that’s actually happening.

I went to orientation only to find out that they never even made a schedule. It was interesting walking passed everyone that I knew because some of them actually stopped and said “Hi” to me and the others who knew who I was didn’t even say anything they just looked at me and kept walking. That only made me want to stunt on them even more you know. A few weeks before that I bought some hair from a website a friend recommended to me and then scheduled an appointment to get it installed.

Now that I’m a senior I just feel so different. I really want to make this year count being this is a comeback and EVERYTHING is different from California. I swear they want us to cover every inch of our skin. On the first day it started pouring down raining, but I DEFINITELY wasn’t going to let that stop me from SLAYING on all the females that talked down on me when I was going to that school and even when I left. I wore this olive green romper with my black Vans and I beat my face TO THE GODS! I was cute and I felt cute.

Until I got dress code.

I got dress code for my romper because “it is more than 6 inches above the knee” LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS. The romper was no where NEAR short. EVERYTHING was covered, but this WHITE BOY was just casually walking around campus WITH A CONFEDERATE FLAG ON HIS SHIRT! “If this shirt offends you, then you need a history lesson” And me BEING BLACK I just like wtf. I was offended.  Like I don’t understand how my romper (which isn’t even short) gets dress code and he can just walk around with this shirt on like it’s nothing. If anything his shirt is WAY more distracting than my romper will ever be. I don’t even know if he got stopped in the hallway like I did. Like this school is just so backwards and annoying y’all just wouldn’t understand.

On another note I’m still single. And I mean single single. Not single where you’re still talking to that one person. It’s just me. When I say EVERYONE at my school is boo’d up. It’s annoying. Like I’m glad people out here are happy, but I mean come on now like I just want someone to be happy with too.

Small Introduction to Me

I am Kayla. I am an aspired writer and photographer. Other than playing soccer 25/8 I’m either reading, writing, or taking pictures of anything and everything. I never thought life would be this hard. Then again nothing ever comes to you easily and if it does well congratulations. I’m not the one to really be complaining being I’m alive and breathing because from the outside looking in most people claim to “love  my life”, but no one knows what really goes on.

I was born in California in 1999. I’m just another statistic with a single mom and two younger sisters with a dad that I hardly even talk to. I do play soccer, read, write, and take pictures. A lot of them. I moved to Texas my 7th grade year and then moved back to California the summer going into Sophomore year, then I moved back to Texas again the summer going into my Senior year of high school. So, there’s been a lot going on I guess you could say.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this, but we’ll see. This blog will contain anything and everything. This will be my outlet. I won’t hold anything back. I’m finally a senior in high school and when I tell you I am so ready to get out of here. I mean it. I just want to et away you know? There’s jus so much going on in my life and I pray that it doesn’t but it more than likely will get worse.

I really like who I’m becoming despite all that that’s happened. About what’s going on is unexplainable. But, hey that’s life. Nothing will ever go the way you planned and I’m starting to realize that. I’ll be just fine. I hope you really do enjoy this.