“I don’t like Black girls”

To the Black boy who doesn’t like Black girls. You just sound like a complete idiot if I’m being completely honest. I just don’t understand how you don’t like black girls when you’reBlack. You’re mother is Black. You’re grandmother is Black. You’re father, who may be nonexistent IS STILL BLACK! There’s nothing more irritating that hearing a Black man saying he doesn’t like Black girls. You act like a Black woman didn’t raise you.

What do you, Black men, see in a White or Mexican woman that us, Black woman don’t have. If I have to hear another white girl or Mexican say, “I can say N****, because my boyfriend/girlfriend is Black.” I’m going to lose my mind.

Why don’t Black men like Black women? This is the question I asked some of my friends and family. I hoped that I would get genuine answers, but no. Here are some of the responses and my opinion:

“They’re all ghetto”: Don’t throw ALL of us into one group. We are not all ghetto in fact some girls that grow up in ghetto surroundings ARE NOT GHETTO. A WIDE range of Black woman have home training, manners, makes good grades, athletic, doesn’t get around, and is polite. I’m not saying that they need/have all of these qualities, but these are some of the qualities I have and I’m definitely not ghetto. I grew up in the suburbs my entire life and I was given the opportunity other Black women don’t get.

“Why are they so bossy?”: I’ll admit that we can be a little bossy, but only because we want the best for you. The Black women in my family are the bossiest people I know, but they don’t just walk around commanding things to be done. If they ask you to do something they are asking you because they know what you’re capable of. They always want the best for you. I know you Black men with Black mothers already know what I’m talking about and even if it isn’t your mom it could be your grandma. But, when you get with a Black woman she’s going to love you probably more than you love yourself. She’ll be your best friend, girlfriend, and mom wrapped all up in one.

“If a black girl has my baby it’ll be dark, but if a White girl or Mexican does it’ll be lightskin with good hair.” Seriously. This is the dumbest reason I had. I am a Black woman. 100% Black in fact. I have hair that goes down to the middle of my back, so what’s your point. Like why do you feel like Black women have nappy hair. WE DON’T HAVE THE SAME GENES. Now, I have nothing against mixed babies. I love all babies. Literally. I’m just so sick and tired of seeing mixed babies left and right. It’s ridiculous. They are in love with what you can give them. Especially the ones in my generation because just like the other races, these half Black children feel like they’re obligated to say “N****”. Like no. Just stop. My point is that they LOVE Black men, but you don’t ever catch them talking about BLM. EVER!

These are some of the most popular “reasons” I got back. At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I REALLY needed to get this off my chest.


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