You Are More Than Enough

Don’t you EVER let someone tell you that you weren’t or aren’t enough. I’m tired of those people who are always bringing other people down just to make themselves feel better. Like who raised you! I wasn’t raised to judge someone by what they look like but by their character. I feel like that’s how everyone should be, but I can’t change someone and neither can you. My mom said you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed and that’s 100% true.

You are beautiful. Man or woman we’re all beautiful in our own way. Who cares if someone says that something physically or mentally doesn’t look good because everyone is ugly to someone else. Whether it’s your nose, ears, eyes, clothes, makeup, etc.

Don’t feel bad if you have to let go of someone that treated you like whatever. All they brought was negative energy in your life and you don’t need that. At all.

Don’t try and reconnect with someone who’s done you wrong. ESPECIALLY when you decided to let them go, they acted as if everything was okay. It takes TWO people to make/have a friendship or relationship.If you’re the one giving 110% and your partner/friend is only giving in 10% LET THEM GO. Of course everyone’s relationship or friendship is different, but if you don’t know what to do the. just try this. If that person chooses to not let you go here them out and make a wise decision on whether you want to let them back in your life. Just be careful and keep your guard up so you don’t end up getting hurt again.

You are beautiful, wonderful, unique and so much more. If someone you love/like doesn’t realize that then they are blind!

Senior Year – Slowly Ending

Wow! I never thought that this year would be ending so soon. It is definitely true when they say your senior year flies by. It’s literally almost over.

In my district we go by 6 weeks. Right now we are in the 6 sixth weeks. I think around week 1 or 2. This year, for me, has had multiple ups and downs, but it’s honestly been great.

I never planned on moving back to Texas, but you know I really don’t regret it. Everything that I thought would never happen, HAPPENED!


I recently lost my Great Grandmother who literally meant the world to me. I looked up to her because she the woman that I hoped to be as I grew older. She was and still an amazing woman and will have an everlasting affect on my life.


I have played the last soccer season of my high school career and it was such a bittersweet experience. I didn’t go the way we planned, but in the end I gained an amazing group of friends. Being I’m one of the only seniors on the team they’re somewhat like my little sisters. I know that I have to set example and prepare them for the future, but I just love each and every one of them unconditionally.


I definitely didn’t plan nor expect my friendships to end up they way that they did, but people change and that’s just something that you have to accept. The people that I befriended my freshman year aren’t the ones who I know now, but even I’m not the girl I was my freshman year. Being that I transferred to California for the next two years I just wasn’t around, but you would expect them to at least say “hi”. Instead they act like they don’t even remember who I am. Yet that could be a possibility.

The one friendship I solely relied on was the one I had with my best friend. I never expected our relationship to go south. It’s not that it’s a bad relationship it’s just not the same. At all. She’s not the same and neither am I, but I tried my hardest to keep in touch with her. The more time I spent away from her I could tell that we weren’t going to be close anymore. So, you could imagine my shock when my mom said that we were going to be moving back to Texas. I was upset because I absolutely did NOT want to move back because the town I live in is just boring. At the time there was nothing to do, but now that I have interests there’s so many possibilities. So when I finally received a text back and told her I was coming back she was just so excited. On the first day she told me that she had a boyfriend and I was happy for her, but he was a freshman or sophomore and she being a senior I just didn’t see a good ending, but again everyone is different.

Well anyway as soon as I saw her and actually talked I just knew that we are not going to be as close as we were. she started keeping secrets and I just gradually distanced myself. It’s not like I could actually talk to her because every time that I did, her boyfriend would just cut me off and talk to her the rest of the time we had.

Now I’m still distancing myself because it just seems like she doesn’t care. It’s annoying when I see her complain because if she would’ve listened to what I was trying to tell her then she wouldn’t be annoyed by certain people. I personally feel like her boyfriend is driving a wedge in between us and she’s so caught up in everything that she doesn’t even notice.


I feel great with where I’m at right now. In the beginning I was just so worried about having the same friends that I had my freshman year, but as time went on I realized that if they didn’t want to be my friend then I shouldn’t force it. There was so much that went on that I don’t even want to get into it because it’s just too much. I’m impatiently waiting for prom which is next weekend and I’m so excited! It’s all just so surreal. No, I don’t have a date, but I’m honestly not worried about not having one because my dress is just incredible. I am not in a relationship nor am I bothered by it because before she died she told me that I wasn’t going to get into a relationship until I go to college. She is right. Ever since she said that I have had THE WORST luck with guys, but it’s amusing.

The Irony

Irony – the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

– a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

I was in love. You told me you were in love too. So you say. Those three words are something that you don’t just throw around as if you’re saying “hi” or “bye”. When I said those words I meant it.

You just threw it away. I was already hurt from before and you knew it because I told you. You showed me you weren’t like them, yet in the end you showed your true colors.

My mom made the decision to leave and there you were “sad” so you say. I believe it’s because you no longer had someone you could toy around with. Or because you knew I loved you to the point where I just couldn’t leave, I was the one you just kept around.

I wanted something serious and to you I was just a little game.

Months pass and we clearly don’t talk anymore. I just can’t let you go because you affected my life. You made me change so you could like me. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. You changed my perspective on people where now I see them for who they really are. I was so damn blind.

Now you’re on Twitter talking about how you’re tired of being single. Being single isn’t the move. Tired of these boring females. Need a girl I can introduce to my mom. Blah blah Blah. I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING! Regardless of the fact that I left you took advantage of me while we were “together”. I was the girl you wanted to introduce to your mom. Over time I realized you were just a waste of time. My time.

So here we are now I’m living life being as happy as I can possibly be. You’re now in a relationship with a girl who makes you happy. At this point that’s all I could want for you. That’s always what I wanted for you. Happiness.

Now that I just sit back and observe I finally understand it. You clearly weren’t the you, you used to be. You’ve grown and changed. I just came at the wrong time. Or maybe I didn’t because everyone seems to think that I was the one who changed you.

While we were “together” you changed for the better and I changed because you could say I was vulnerable. Either way I’d like to think that we’re in better places.