You Are More Than Enough

Don’t you EVER let someone tell you that you weren’t or aren’t enough. I’m tired of those people who are always bringing other people down just to make themselves feel better. Like who raised you! I wasn’t raised to judge someone by what they look like but by their character. I feel like that’s how everyone should be, but I can’t change someone and neither can you. My mom said you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed and that’s 100% true.

You are beautiful. Man or woman we’re all beautiful in our own way. Who cares if someone says that something physically or mentally doesn’t look good because everyone is ugly to someone else. Whether it’s your nose, ears, eyes, clothes, makeup, etc.

Don’t feel bad if you have to let go of someone that treated you like whatever. All they brought was negative energy in your life and you don’t need that. At all.

Don’t try and reconnect with someone who’s done you wrong. ESPECIALLY when you decided to let them go, they acted as if everything was okay. It takes TWO people to make/have a friendship or relationship.If you’re the one giving 110% and your partner/friend is only giving in 10% LET THEM GO. Of course everyone’s relationship or friendship is different, but if you don’t know what to do the. just try this. If that person chooses to not let you go here them out and make a wise decision on whether you want to let them back in your life. Just be careful and keep your guard up so you don’t end up getting hurt again.

You are beautiful, wonderful, unique and so much more. If someone you love/like doesn’t realize that then they are blind!


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