SHOOK @ Aunt Jackie’s Hair Masque: Review

Okay, I know I haven't ever done a product review on here, but right now I just HAVE to! I have been in the process of transitioning my hair and I've done my research, tried hundreds of products and nothing seemed to work. I've done DIY hair masks, I stopped using heat, wore protective styles … Continue reading SHOOK @ Aunt Jackie’s Hair Masque: Review


I want to be BETTER

Growing up the way I did I was always in competition with others. Or so I thought. I was really in competition with myself. I used to a always tear myself down because I knew the potential that I had and I wanted everyone else to see it too. Being shy and kept to myself … Continue reading I want to be BETTER


I am a passenger. Slowly, but surely, getting through life day by day. I like to believe that I am original and unique, but I remember throughout school I would change to fit in. I was always a shy kid so having friends is something that I felt I needed to "survive". I remember at … Continue reading Passenger