I am a passenger. Slowly, but surely, getting through life day by day. I like to believe that I am original and unique, but I remember throughout school I would change to fit in. I was always a shy kid so having friends is something that I felt I needed to “survive”. I remember at the prom after party, I definitely wasn’t a passenger. Everyone was either drunk, high, or both. My instincts were telling me to just act drunk and have a good time because I didn’t need weed or alcohol to have fun. Besides, it was my first party and I never really liked the taste of alcohol or smoked before so I really didn’t need it. Then as I sat back and observed how everyone was having so much fun being drunk and high I just wanted to try it. I got a cup of whatever they had and it was really good and sweet, but as soon as I got towards the bottom it was clear that the amount of alcohol in there was excessive. Once I was finished I knew that was the reason why I don’t drink and I was perfectly fine with it.

I feel high school overall is full of nothing but passengers. Everyone is just riding the wave, channel surfing as most of my teachers would say, and keeping up with the latest trends. There are so many people that I know who changed based on how their friends acted. Everyone has their reasons and at the end of the day that is their life and decision.


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