I want to be BETTER

Growing up the way I did I was always in competition with others. Or so I thought. I was really in competition with myself. I used to a always tear myself down because I knew the potential that I had and I wanted everyone else to see it too. Being shy and kept to myself didn’t help. At all. I knew that I needed an escape or a way to clear my head. That’s when writing and photography came into play. They were what I used when I felt no one understood me or when I was just down in general. I feel as if everyone needs one.


I started writing at a(n) young age actually. I’d say since the 4th grade. I remember writing short stories which of course, had bad grammar, but I didn’t notice because all these creative thoughts and ideas were just constantly flowing through my head. I wrote a play using my cousins as cast members and performed it in front of my family. In the beginning I’d say I was a fiction writer, but as I grew older I turned to non-fiction only because I was going through a lot. I just thought with all the things I’ve experienced and seen from such a young age why not write about it?


Ever since I found the old photo albums in the dusty boxes around 5 photos and photography was something that I just knew was great. I wanted to be the one who with just a click of a button could hold a memory forever. Of course I found out photography isn’t that simple. Before I entered middle school I was given this little blue Nikon Coolpix and I thought I was going to be the next Annie Leibovitz. I took pictures of EVERYTHING! Not knowing what aperture and ISO to use only because I had no idea what they were or that they existed.



Okay I’m getting off topic…

I strive to be a better me everyday. Whether its mentally or physically I want to gradually get better everyday that I can. I am constantly learning something new when it comes to writing and photography.




2 thoughts on “I want to be BETTER

  1. qualitytimewithnatali says:

    At first, I Iove the picture of you! Second, I know that feeling so bad… to be in competition and wanting to be seen for what we ourselves think we are.
    I love your unique writing style! I love how you described it and how you got to understand your feelings so well. I think Photography and writing gave you so much.
    As for me, I think God gave me the opportunity to know I am enough. I am loved and perfectly seen. This helped me a lot.
    I hope I get to experience writing just as you do. So true; so you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ateeninsociety says:

      I know this response is late, but thank you! I really needed that. God has always played a huge factor in my life and usually when I feel down I just tell myself that he has a plan in store for me and that everything is working out the way he wants it to.


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