SHOOK @ Aunt Jackie’s Hair Masque: Review

Okay, I know I haven’t ever done a product review on here, but right now I just HAVE to!

I have been in the process of transitioning my hair and I’ve done my research, tried hundreds of products and nothing seemed to work. I’ve done DIY hair masks, I stopped using heat, wore protective styles and everything and still my hair was dry, brittle and I also had/have excessive heat damage.

A couple years ago my natural hair was amazing and as time went on my hair just got worse. Mind you I used to get my hair pressed every 2-3 weeks but when I would wash my hair it would curl right back up. So you know that when I washed my hair after getting it pressed and it didn’t curl up I was pressed.

Today my mom, sisters and I went to the beauty supply because my sister was getting her hair braided and I needed to get the products I use daily so I can pack them for college in the fall. I was in the hair product aisle and as I walked up and down, I was looking at all the hair masque’s deciding on which one I was going to waste my money on. I pick up the Aunt Jackie’s: Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque and we pay for everything and we leave. After the long day, we had and finally got home and when I got out the shower with my clean hair and thought that I might as well just try the masque now. I figured if I use it now at least I’ll be able to see if it works or not.

Obviously, you put it on your hair and the jar says you leave it on 10 minutes and sit under a hooded dryer. I don’t have a hooded dryer so I just wrapped my hair in a shower cap and left it on for 30 minutes and when I rinsed it out MY HAIR WAS CURLY!!!! I was beyond shook and I just couldn’t believe it. I just loved the fact that I finally found a product that helped my hair get back to its old state. When I tell you I had so much heat damage and dry hair it literally dried straight. No curls at all. Now, my hair is soft curly, but I still need to work on this frizz thing.

I recommend this product 100% Definitely 10/10.

**Remember that everyone’s hair is different so it may or may not work the way you want it to.


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