College Talk

If you don’t know already I am attending Bradley University in the fall. I’m not the first person in my family to go to college and definitely not the last. For those who’ve gone they share their experiences and I listen, but I feel like everyone’s experience is different. I’m not gonna lie I am nervous and a little scared, but you have to speak what you want into existence.

I want my first year and the years following to be great.

I am blessed and highly favored and college is going to be a great experience and hold amazing memories.

I will graduate.

I’ve gotten most of the necessities for myself and the dorm other than tissue and basic stuff like that. I just want to make the most of my college experience. I want to try almost everything just without having too much on my plate.


This was a short blog, but there’s more to come!


One thought on “College Talk

  1. qualitytimewithnatali says:

    Dear ateeninsociety,
    I understand your fear so well having gotten into a new school last year. It was quite scary, at first, but totally worth it!
    What I learned in that year, was to stay myself and to stay real with my values and worries; not changing for people or time.
    That´s my advice for you: Stay real, stay your beautiful YOU, even when times or society says different or people don´t understand. All the best,

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